Depth in Research. Reality in Solutions.

I am a UX designer with experience that bridges software engineering and business services. Human-centered thinking is driven into my practice, and I thrive within cross-functional teams. I appreciate different perspectives to understand a problem, and I especially like complex problems that are in need of new ways to think about them. I can iterate and iterate and iterate through possible solutions, until I find that bold concept. And I am relentless in my pursuit of strong and unique visuals to tell my stories.

I think a lot about creative cultures, design leadership, and team collaboration. Hit me up if you want to chat!

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Work references available upon request.

— 2017 —

Synaesthetic Media Lab

Bridging the physical and digital worlds with tangible and embodied interaction technologies.

— 2016 —

Pixar Animation Studios

Designing in-house production software to support the making of beautiful films.

— 2015 —


Designing pixel perfect web pages and professional web systems.